I have become cautious of the way I think and feel toward almost any circumstance in my life. Electric and magnetic energy is broadcasted into the quantum field, and we receive what we promote in return. If we are hateful, we will receive more hate in our life. I know no one intentionally wants adverse events to happen in their life. If we become aware of this law, we may be more mindful of what we are broadcasting into the field.

One of the greatest and highest frequencies of emotion we can broadcast is love. The feeling of love holds this world together. Without the teachings of some of the spiritual masters of the past, the world we know it would not exist. The mind-blowing book “Power vs. Force ” by Dr. David Hakwins dedicated most of his adult life to studying feelings/emotions and measuring their frequency. I highly recommend this read, as it is truly mind-blowing.

After reading his book multiple times, I have often spoken of his teachings. Working with students, I mention his work to give a better idea of how we think and feel can alter our lives. Unfortunately, we underutilize this power, and we all could benefit from the Beatles’ 1967 classic “All you need is love.” Suppose that is so true, what is “This crazy little thing called love,” to quote Freddy Mercury from 1979, is what we are here for on this earth. To love and to be loved. I know I have said that before but what the hell is it?

I have often asked myself this same thing. I have thrown this word around love like Warren Moon threw the football around in the 1980s in the run-and-shoot offense, man I loved those powder blue uniforms. There I go again, throwing around this word like it’s okay to love a piece of clothing. Of course, it’s okay to love anything and everything. Growing up in a small conservative town in Kansas, love was not something actively advertised to young males.

I told my father I loved him, and he would immediately get awkward. Eventually, he would come around and return the I love you back to me. Years later, I had just gotten off the phone with my mother, and at seventy-seven years old, he walked over to the phone and said good night, Bill, I love you.

Hearing my Dad say I love you in his testament is quite significant as in that part of the country, men his age were not encouraged to say I love you to anyone. I feel like this was part of my mission of being on this earth to help people express words of appreciation to one another. I have had this ability as far back as I can remember, which lead me to have some earnest conversations with adults at an early age.

Back to the original thought of this writing, love. I meditated on this word for quite some time, and the download came. L-Listen O-Observe V-Volunteer E-Everything. After receiving this one, I had more questions, so as I went back into meditation, asking my greater self basically, huh?

The answers I received were indeed quite simple. Listen to your lover, friend, neighbor, and everyone, including yourself. Listen to me, I asked.

“Of course, listen to how you speak to others, yourself, and to universal intelligence, me, your higher self. Your words and thoughts have a light energy far more powerful than you can realize.

To observe is the god within us.  Source energy is observing everything, and your job is to emulate this divine power. Observe what people need in your everyday life. If someone needs help crossing the street, be there to guide them safely. If you see someone on the side of the road, pull over and see if they need help. It could be as simple as getting on one knee and get eye-to-eye with a young child who needs your undivided attention. Once again, be the observer of yourself; that is why you have the art of meditation. The Tibetan meaning of meditation is to become familiar with your mind. Be mindful of this as you must love yourself to think what is righteous as what you think about expands.

Volunteer everything you have to your fellow human. Whether it is mind, body, or soul, it is energy or matter. The purpose of the world is to flow with one another just as mother nature flows without strain or struggle. Show vulnerability to your lover, and give yourself the self-love you deserve. Volunteering everything leaves out nothing. This is the true meaning of love. If you can listen, observe, and volunteer everything to yourself and others, you are experiencing love. If you fail, you’re going through the motions as a piece of flesh. Understand this love power is the spirit within; it is the source energy, and allow this love force to flow.”

This definition of love has allowed me to slow the wheels of my mind to listen to myself and others. To observe my own self-thoughts, actions, and emotions as well as others. Most importantly, the volunteer everything I have to offer myself and others to truly experience love in my life. I am inviting you to implement these essential tools to experiment with in your life.